One Week Until Election Day, Three Ways You Can Help

vote-earlyThe finish line is in sight. In just one week, voting will be over and we will know whether marijuana will be legal in Nevada. For that to happen, we need a majority of Nevadans voting Yes on Question 2.

james-greenfactsoverfearFrom the polling we have seen, this amazing victory is very possible. But we all must do our part to ensure we don’t lose. Just imagine how you will feel on election night if we end up with 49 percent of the vote.Here’s what you can do to help us avoid falling short:

1. Vote! This is obviously the most important thing you can do. And you don’t need to wait until November 8. You can vote between now and Friday at an early voting location. Find an early voting location here – – and go as soon as you can. Bring some friends, too!

2. Share one of our graphics on Facebook. This is such a simple thing to do, but it has a significant effect. When people see graphics shared by people they know, it has a greater impact. Each of the graphics to the right link to that graphic on Facebook. Pick the one you like and share it.

3. Talk to friends and family about Question 2. You don’t need to say much. Just make sure they know that you support Question 2 and believe it will be good for Nevada to stop marijuana arrests and take marijuana out of the criminal market.

Thanks so much for being part of this historic campaign!